Product Review: Atman Lucky Bear CBD/THC Mini Mod Vaporizer

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There are a lot of pros to a classic pen-style vape -- discretion, portability, and ease of use, to name a few.  However, there are some disadvantages, too: most notably, the elongated style of these models makes them more prone to damage and leaking, especially around the tank.  Box mod vaporizers offer more protection around the tank, but can sometimes be bulky and heavier than their slender counterparts.

Enter the Atman Lucky Bear vape, a compact, lightweight vaporizer that combines the portability of a pen with the durability of a box mod, extending the life of both your vape and your tanks of choice.

This tiny little vape is adorable and effective.  Measuring just three inches tall when assembled with a standard 510 cartridge (the battery itself is about 2.25” tall), and is shaped like a tiny polar bear hugging the tank.  The button to power on and use the vape is located in the polar bear’s eye, and the LED light turns vivid blue when the unit is in use.

Small but mighty, the Lucky Bear’s 550 mAh lithium-ion battery strikes a balance between performance and longevity, providing quality hits and consistent heating while allowing you to extend your time between charges. Here, we’ll discuss the details of the product, how it works, and our experience with it. 

What’s Included

The Lucky Bear comes nestled in a foam insert inside a cylindrical, blue plastic container with a clear lid.  Beneath the foam insert, you’ll find the charging cable, the instruction manual, and a handy lanyard that makes keeping your vape close at hand easy (we didn’t really see ourselves utilizing the lanyard at first, but it came in surprisingly handy).  The kit is simple and straightforward, much like the vaporizer itself. 

The Unit Itself

This is just the babiest little vape!  It’s just so little that, even with a tank attached, it fits into even the smallest of pockets (we’re looking at you, women’s pants designers!).  The construction of the vape strikes a nice balance between being lightweight enough to travel easily while feeling substantial and hefty enough to avoid that “cheap” feeling.  

The bear is more of an approximation of the shape of a bear than a fully sculpted one, with a large black nose and indentations to suggest paws embracing the tank.  While the unit includes a tank with the battery, we prefer to use the DIDA CBD vape cartridges with this unit. That said, you can use literally any 510 thread vape cartridge, whether pre-filled or reusable, with this product without issue.  

While we were a bit skeptical of the lanyard at first, we have to admit, we rather like it.  Particularly for outings like hikes or concerts, it’s nice to know that the product is secure and won’t be crushed in a pocket or bag.  

Charging the unit takes about two hours from an empty battery, but we were able to get about two to three days between charges with regular use. Even if you’re a very heavy vapor consumer, this little guy should be able to carry on throughout your whole day without issue.

Once the unit is charged, using it is easy.  Simply click the power button located on the bear’s left eye five times in rapid succession to power on the unit.  The LED light will then blink bright blue three times to indicate that the device is ready for use.

When you are ready to use the vape, press and hold the power button.  The light will turn on, indicating that the vaporizer is heating. You can then draw as much or as little vapor as you please.  

While it doesn’t offer the variable voltage of some other models, the Lucky Bear is equipped with several protective features.  First, the device will automatically stop heating after a certain time has elapsed in order to save power. The Lucky Bear will also shut off automatically when the battery level drops below 3.2 v.

Finally, the device will automatically stop heating when the resistance of the heating chamber is lower than 1.0 ohm.  In layman’s terms, this means that the battery has more or less reached its capacity, and continuing to expend energy won’t produce any additional heat.  

This feature and the other protective features of the Lucky Bear are designed with battery life and maintenance in mind.  These features are part of the vaporizer’s simple but durable design, preventing strain on the battery that could shorten the life of the product.


We have to say that, as far as simple, durable vapes are concerned, we’re pretty pleased with this model.  It gets top marks for portability, fits nicely in your hand during use, and makes a good vape for casual and discreet use or when traveling

We especially like the design of the product, which positions the tank beside the battery rather than on top of it.  This protects the tank from damage and leaks, pocket crushings, or other potential hazards to a portable vape.

While there are a lot of positives to this product, we should note that its voltage isn’t variable -- you don’t have control over the temperature of your vape.  This is likely fine for casual vape consumers but may not do for connoisseurs. The Lucky Bear is great if you’re looking for a reliable, durable, mid-range product that gets the job done, but it may not be as exciting to consumers who prefer a more customizable vaping experience.  


Ultimately, the Lucky Bear is a solid choice for its price range.  While it offers less in terms of temperature control and customizability than other vaporizers, it is designed for durability and consistent performance wherever you take it.  It is meant to withstand the bumps and bruises of travel and its simple design should stand the test of time well.

All that said, if temperature control is important to you, you may want to skip this one.  The Lucky Bear offers a consistent, quality vaping experience, but it won’t allow you to vary your vape temperature to accommodate different concentrates and flavors.  

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want from your vaporizer.  If you’re looking for something straight and to the point that will last through the day and produce consistent quality vapor, the Lucky Bear just might be worth looking into.  

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