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Hello, I’m NILSON,an engineer of vaporizer, this is my first time to write blog article of our product. I have designed the product in personally which named ATMAN STARLIGHT. Today I want to share the design process of this product with you guys.


Upon the marketing.I found the vaporizers for DRY HERB are mainly PAX, G-PEN,volcano,and AGO/G5. These products have been a long time in the market and hold market.They basically have their own advantages, but at the perspective of designer, I think there are still some problems not solved.For instance, the heating chamber of AGO/G5 is too small, the heating rate is very low, the amount of vaping is not large and it is easy to break.
PAX, the appearance is very good-looking, the sense of metal is very strong, the quality is stable, but it takes long time to heat up time, and the heating temperature is not high, there is one biggest problem of this product is too expensive.
G-PEN, plastic shell, more lighter, grasping in hand is not better than ours, it adopted with the ceramic heating chamber, switching from the high and low temperature, it will be easy to break.
And VOLCANO, the capacity of heating chamber is much more bigger, it made in Germany, but this product is more expensive.It is suitable for use at a PARTY but for individual users, it is inconvenient to carry,not portable .
These products are basically has all sorts of problems, after comparing and analyzing,I wonder whether we can design a special vaporizer with beautiful appearance,but more powerful products?

So Im thinking about it :
1、nowadays ,most popular vapor products are all in basically square BOX shape, box mod is the trend , i decided to design a vaporizer in the shape of the BOX.
2、as we known ,vaporizer for DRY HERB or wax,have a comment issue,heating chamber not easy to clean after use,the residue is hard to clean. so I think can we make it with heating chamber free to take out of residue, that it can be moved out of device, after use, take it out and clean separately.I make the heating chamber into a circular which can freely in and out separately.
3、As far as I know, presently,there is lifespan problem on the vaporizers with ceramic heating element,.The heating temperature is high and quick in a short time, while the room temperature is low.The temperature difference is too big when open the lid,and the ceramic heating chamber may break. It is the performance of the ceramic heating element itself, these problems that cannot be overcome, so I think whether we can use metal heating chamber. As the high melting point of metal, the stability is also very good,meta heating chamber will not break anymore.


4、Now,more and more people like to carry out product to use,and many product without prevent slippery design when people go outside.It is easy to slip and break.Then why not adding non-slip? um, yes, I made all four corners with non-slip groove and marked in green.


5.It needs a clear color identification, many people like black, it respectable,mystery and generous.And marijuana leaves/dry herb is green, we picked up the black and green as our main tone for all the ATMAN VAPORIZERS,Let people easy to remember us.

6. For box style mod, if the edges is too big and sharp, it will cut your hand when holding, and feeling will be shit, so I made it in rounded corners,better fit the palm.

7、This is most important, many vaporizers are rely on flash LED lights to indicate that when it is ready to vape. When it reaches to the desired temperature, we will cannot wait to vaping,but the amount vapor of first puff is little or even no. So When is the best time to vape?We don’t know,what is the amount of vapor? we have no idea,either. It must make many people feel depressed. If everyone can see the amount of vapor and then vaping it. It will be very good, I think that’s a good idea. so I made a big transparent mouthpiece, so you can clearly see how is the vapor.How amazing when you see the vapor and vaping!


8. The capacity of Many vaporizers in the market is not big, when vaping ,there is only a little vaping, it is not enough. I want to enlarge heating chamber volume. I guess 2 ml should be enough, I think customers will like it.

9. The heating coil of AGO/G5 is at the bottom,it can only heat the dry herb at the bottom,not for all. It will waste alot herb. As we known,The leaves are also expensive, that waste is terrible . If we can ensure that all the leaves 100% heating inside the chamber, that will be perfect,no waste anymore. Then I designed a heating chamber heating all sizes from top to bottom. I did it.

10、Now,many vaporizer are coming with a one heating temperature.That’s not good.Because some people like to taste more vaping,some people like pure taste. It will desire different temperature levels .If the vaporizer can be adjusted temperature,it can both meet the pure taste and large amount vaping .it will satisfy customers’ requirements. Is it easy to achieve?The answer is yes! Then I designed it with four temperature control levels.I think it should meet the majority of customers’ requirements.

11、I think the majority of people will like the products in metal design.My product must be made up of metal and steady enough,with Anodic hard oxide. If the Surface is too rough,it can’t be like this. So we polishing it and then oxidation, feeling good.After all of these ideas, I make it like this, the product pictures:

I am so happy for such a awesome vaporizer which achieve my every thoughts in person.Let me give it a nice name.I hope it can be the star in vaporizers for DRY HERB,so named STARLIGHT.Aha,this is my favourite work.I really really like it, how about you?If you like this, please let me know. if not,please tell me your opinion.I will improve seriously. Ultimately,hope it can be a shining star around you ,just like its name .





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