Atman Owar Wax/Dab/Concentrate Vaporizer Pen Triple Quartz Coil Replacement Accossory 2pcs In One Pack

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Atman Owar Triple Quartz Coil 2pcs in one pack
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Atman Owar Triple Quartz Coil 2pcs in One Pack.

OWAR Wax Vaporizer pen, which is a nifty little pen that is perfect for both the beginner and those experienced with wax pens already. 

Read on more to find out about this affordable pen from Atman.

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  • Q How long should i take for a full charge?

    A Usually 2-3 hours
  • Q Will grinder be a mess after grind dry herb?

    A Very easy to clean, separated in 4 parts
  • Q What kind of charger does it come with?

    A USB cable line
  • Q How many parts of this E-grinder?

    A 4 pieces, auto function delivers you solely the best quality grinders
  • Q Can i replace the battery inside?

    A The battery is pre-installed can not be moved
  • Q Will the atomizer get very hot when in use?

    A It wont be with LTP technology, ensure your pure tasty


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